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Unknown virus has emerged in town! What's up? Medicine is urgently needed. Together Doctor
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18 October 2007

Editor's review

Lab Engima is an intriguing and adventurous game developed by MyPlayCity. The game involves some really hair-raising adventures, and is totally different from other games designed with a similar storyline. At the first look, the game may not be too appealing for you for certain obvious limitations faced by it. But then, if you spend some time playing it, you will definitely not regret giving it a shot - basically it’s that kind of a game. Perhaps, that is why it has emerged as one of the most sought after titles in offering from MyPlayCity.

The story of the game begins with the Doctor Andrews collecting medicine in order to cure malicious virus. As story depicts that an unknown virus has spread in small town and affected lot of people as a result many are taken to hospital as well but the general physician has no cure to this disease. So it was decided to call an emergency meeting and the town council decided to call specialized physicians in order to treat the disease of the patients so, Doctor Andrews who was known for his smartness, creativity and intelligent mind was called from neighboring city. So, now comes the role of the player once the doctor reaches the affected area on call the player has to help doctor to collect essential remedies in order to cure disease. The more exciting features added to this game are player can enjoy musical background along the gameplay, graphics present in the same are also fun loving and player would definitely like it.

The game is available to the user at free of cost and easily it can be downloaded from MyPlaycity and game is laid on simple rules to play. So, overall the game deserves rating of 3 on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

The Lab Enigma game is the interesting adventures of Doctor Andrews who is trying to collect medicine to cure malicious virus. Unknown virus has emeged in small town in the west. Several citizens applied to hospital for medical aide, but local physicians could do nothing. The town mayor gathered an emergency meeting and the town council decided to call in from a major center a famous physician, Doctor Andrews, who lived a neighboring city. He was renown for his smart intelligence and creativity, which would help him in his work all the time. The doctor came to the contaminated zone very quickly as a situation compelled. Malicious virus could spread over the town and lead to an epidemy! Help the researcher collect necessary remedies and cure locals! The Lab Enigma game is a captivating and entertaining game. Jolly graphics, good musical background and simple rules of the game will give fun to everyone. Play Lab Enigma absolutely for free!
Lab Enigma
Lab Enigma
Version 2.0
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